Imagination is everything

In this blog you can read my short stories that are based life experiences. These are a series of science fiction stories that have their roots in actual events. Dreams that were so real I couldn’t distinguish them from being awake in this world. Things that I have experienced but can’t explain. Still they are there.

Like so many science fiction authors before me many of them disguised their experience in fiction because it was more acceptable and enjoyed. Writers such as Whitley Strieber and Philip K. Dick to name to name two are visionaries I have been inspired by.

In my studies of Philip K. Dick I found out that many of his stories were based on things he experienced and knew for himself to be truth. He even spoke openly about it but few really listened. And that’s OK. Some of us did. This all inspired me to write.

Whitley is a long time personal friend and he and Mary Cacciapaglia(the love of my life) both encouraged me to write.

I hope you will enjoy the stories, find hope and joy in them as I did writing them so I could share them with you.

Some of them you may find are familiar because of your own experience and in doing so you find that you are not alone with the things you kept to yourself.

Steve Neill

3 thoughts on “Imagination is everything

      1. I read it this morning (Monday) really resonated with me. I have had over the last year and a half several brushes with the other realm recently that have turned my head around on some things. That story wow just wow…


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