But Something is There second episode script

So much of this is script based on my own personal experience with what for lack of terms can only be described as the unknown. I was taken more than once to this place. I did experience the scene with Hitler. I did see my father, the men at my door just as described and the silver cigar shaped flying bus.

As hard as it is I tired hard to describe what I really think is at the heart of this experience for me. Our existence is so much more then we have been lead to believe. Now we come to known, not believe as we spread our wings to explore the real depth of our souls.

I doubt this will ever be made. I would very much like to make it. And who knows, maybe someone that liked the first episode will see it and help us to make it. Either way I thought it was time to share this with all of you that had written such kind worded emails to me after seeing “But Something is There”. For all of you that talked to me after the screenings and thanked me. I’ll never forget the look in your eyes. You all knew in your hearts why I made BSIT. It wasn’t for money or fame, rather to light a candle in the dark so that you could see, you’re not alone.

Enjoy it.