New Story is coming soon 2-7-2021

Based on the new script for the second episode of “But Something is There” “A Conversation with Hitler” is a story about a chance meeting with the monster on the other side. And the powerful message that comes as a result.

Was it just a dream? Or did Mark actually meet him? Either way the message could change the course of history to come and unit the human race.

We will start film production of the short film in the coming weeks.

Thank you!

Thank you for your following this website. I have had a great deal of new subscribers recently and I wanted to express my appreciation to you all.

I’m working on some new stories and some Virtual Reality experiences to add to the mix. This is an active site. Again thank you for following and subscribing!

This is all wrong?

Is it just me? Or do some of you also feel this timeline has been changed? Altered? Because this all just feels wrong. Like the Nazis and the Imperial Empire won the war.

How much do you know about the author Philip K Dick beyond Blade Runner? He did write other books, many of them and they all have a central theme. “Man in the High” Castle for one.

As it turns out his books weren’t purely fiction but based on experience. And he’s not alone. Many have had or do have that same unexplainable experience.

If you can handle the translator, the length of his speech and get past the Christian elements and watch it all the way to the end you might just learn something about this amazing man. The story of the woman with the black hair will give you chills and I know he was serious about all this. Because until I watched this video I had never heard his stories about his experience before. And yet I wrote much the same in my stories. As it turns out I’m not alone in that. The Park is real.

You don’t know what you don’t know and science as much as I worship it can’t explain everything. Sometimes you just have to trust that inner voice and your heart.

For your information

First thank you for all the follows on this blog-website. In fact it is a website. It has multiple pages and will have one for each story.

This page is the blog part of the site. You will notice at the top there is a menu and next to contact is “The Park” which is the first story. Just click on it and you can read “The Park”.

Although the story is fiction I have more than once visited “The Park”. It is a very real place for me. I know others that have been there too. If it is only imaginary then it’s a place many of us have created from our imaginations. But once created like all things it is now part of our reality.

I am currently writing the second and have 3 more planned. “Ghost Squadron”, “Foo Fighters” and “In My Life”.

Thank you again for your interest.

Imagination is everything

In this blog you can read my short stories that are based life experiences. These are a series of science fiction stories that have their roots in actual events. Dreams that were so real I couldn’t distinguish them from being awake in this world. Things that I have experienced but can’t explain. Still they are there.

Like so many science fiction authors before me many of them disguised their experience in fiction because it was more acceptable and enjoyed. Writers such as Whitley Strieber and Philip K. Dick to name to name two are visionaries I have been inspired by.

In my studies of Philip K. Dick I found out that many of his stories were based on things he experienced and knew for himself to be truth. He even spoke openly about it but few really listened. And that’s OK. Some of us did. This all inspired me to write.

Whitley is a long time personal friend and he and Mary Cacciapaglia(the love of my life) both encouraged me to write.

I hope you will enjoy the stories, find hope and joy in them as I did writing them so I could share them with you.

Some of them you may find are familiar because of your own experience and in doing so you find that you are not alone with the things you kept to yourself.

Steve Neill